For my aniversary I tried to express my love in the most pure form I could, making an animated gif of great moments in your relationship. Obviously my tool of choice where was bash, because I could have used a gui tool but where’s the fun in that.

The aim

A large format animated GIF based off a bunch of JPG images, or different resolutions, in a random order.

The process

First I gathered all the images into a directory from my Shotwell collecion and Google Photos. There was one name clash, easily dealt with.

Make them all JPG

If I’d had any images with a different file type I’d have converted them now. convert is part of ImageMagick and makes this super simple.

convert image.png image.jpg

Random order

Because I was going to use the files with ls other then having a random file name makes this easier. Punting the filename thought md5sum gives nice random file to order.

for FILE in `ls`
export NEWFILE=$(echo $FILE | md5sum| cut -f1 -d" ")

Resize them

I needed a bunch of images that were all the same size, but without having small images being blown up huge and blurring. Step in convert, again. -extent resizes the image, -gravity center centres it.

for FILE in `ls *.jpg`
convert $NAME -gravity center -background white -extent 1600x1200 centred_${NAME}

String them all together

I messed about with ffmepg for hours (literally) trying to get the right magic incantations of flags. Luckily, convert stepped in and saved the day.

The only flag I needed was -delay which is the numbe of milliseconds between frames

convert -delay 100  -loop 0 *.jpg final.gif

The result

I’m not sharing it. There was squeeing though.